Monsoon onset in West Bengal: Rainfall expected to hit the state within the next 48 hours, with heavy rainfall predicted in some districts.

Rain has been prevalent in West Bengal for some time now, with heavy rainfall expected in some districts. The Alipur Weather Office has released information on how much rain each district can expect over the next five days.

The onset of monsoon season in North Bengal is imminent. Ganesh Kumar Das, an official at the Alipur Weather Office, stated that "most of North East Bengal and the majority of North Eastern India have already seen rains. It is expected that within the next 48 hours, most of North Bengal and some places in Sikkim will also receive rainfall."
Ganesh Babu stated, "On Sunday, there is a chance of light to moderate rainfall in North Bengal. There will be heavy rainfall in some areas of Alipurduar and Kochbihar. The amount of rain there will increase from Monday. Heavier rainfall is expected in other areas as well. Most of North Bengal is likely to receive good rainfall. There could be heavy to very heavy rainfall in Kochbihar, Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri. Darjeeling and Kalimpong will also experience heavy rainfall."

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