How To Enable HTTPS/SSL Certificate for Custom Domain in Blogger

HTTPS For Blogger
Having a custom domain without SSL makes a blogger's presence insignificant. The absence of HTTPS undermines trust, resulting in the loss of visitors, as search engines, including Google, prioritize secure connections. In today's digital landscape, search engines require trustworthiness before directing users to any website. If a site lacks HTTPS or SSL, search engines like Google will actively demote its visibility, relegating it to lower rankings or even pushing it onto other pages. Consequently, organic traffic will decline, regardless of the quality of the content. Therefore, installing an SSL Certificate is crucial for search engines to recognize and promote a website.

What is an SSL Certificate?
The process of SSL Certificate installation involves adding a digital certificate to your website or blog. By implementing SSL, you guarantee that all data exchanged between you and your visitors undergoes encryption, providing a robust safeguard against hackers attempting to pilfer sensitive information like credit card numbers.

Why is SSL Important?
Having SSL is indispensable for SEO, as it is imperative to possess HTTPS in order to achieve favorable rankings on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex, and others. Additionally, most browsers now issue warning messages, labeling websites without a valid SSL Certificate as "not secure."

Steps to Configure HTTPS


Go to Settings
Go down to HTTPS

You will see below HTTPS availability Status: No.

Just turn on HTTPS availability, and you will see the Status Unknown.
After this, refresh the page, and now you will see the Status: Pending - HTTPS Availability is being processed. Try again later.

Now you have to wait for 5-10 minutes, and Google Trust Services LLC will issue you an SSL Certificate for Free Forever.

Now refresh the page, and you will see Status is available.
Now turn on the HTTPS redirects

Blogger HTTPS not working?
Sometimes it happens when you google issue an SSL certificate, but you still see the HTTPS is not working, don't panic. It will take some time, it can be up to 30 minutes, and your certificate will become available globally.

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