Do You Know? Samsung's earbuds appear to be resistant to fire, which is impressive.

Tiny headphones have a talent for becoming slammed about and keeping in mind that some are more indestructible than others, the Samsung System Buds 2 Expert have all the earmarks of being quite possibly of the hardest.

A new tweet from the tech blogger Maaz Perwez uncovers that even in the wake of being scorched in a house fire, the buds are as yet working, including their area tracking down capability. And keeping in mind that the charging usefulness of the buds is seared, Perwez said that they are "constructed like a tank".

Considerably more astounding is the way that Samsung's SmartThings Find - its administration for finding System gadgets - likewise attempted to find them. It's the way Perwez says that he had the option to track down them in the rubble.

The expression 'rising like a phoenix from the cinders' strikes a chord while envisioning him finding the System Buds 2 Master in working condition. One of the vital functionalities of the SmartThings Find administration is that it works when disconnected. Also, this new story is the best evidence we have of this.
As truly outstanding in-ear earphones out there - in our survey, we went as far as to say that they're effectively the best Samsung World Buds yet - it's not completely shocking that the Samsung Cosmic system Buds 2 Expert worked as strong as they sound.

We don't yet have a 'best flame resistant headphones' aide however in the event that we did these would be at the first spot on our list. We (fortunately) don't frequently test how fire retardant headphones are - there's trying an item, then, at that point, there's dragging an item through some serious hardship.

On the other hand, in the event that you're after the best waterproof earphones, investigate our aide. We likewise make them cover the best earphones overall as well, in the event that enduring various components isn't the thing you're searching for


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