Discover the latest news and trailers from Nintendo Direct June 2023 - Stay updated!

Nintendo is set to surprise fans with its second Direct presentation of the year amidst a plethora of summer gaming events such as Xbox, PlayStation, Capcom, Ubisoft, and Summer Game Fest. What makes this upcoming Direct intriguing is the anticipation for unexpected announcements. Nintendo's 2023 lineup remains uncertain after the release of Tears of the Kingdom and the upcoming launch of Pikmin 4 in July. This leaves room for a multitude of possibilities to be unveiled during the Direct, including long-awaited titles like Metroid Prime 4 and beloved franchises like Super Mario. Moreover, there is a chance for exciting reveals like Hollow Knight: Silksong or the much-requested Mother 3. The Direct, lasting approximately 40 minutes, will keep fans informed about significant announcements and trailers, all accessible right here.

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