"Digha is truly amazing! But... Just take 1300 rupees in your pocket and explore this unknown beach."

Are you feeling restless and want to go somewhere for the weekend? For many Bengalis, the first place that comes to mind for a quick getaway from Kolkata is Digha.

However, it is constantly bustling with tourists. If you want to spend a serene vacation at a quiet seaside resort, then this report is essential for you. Til and other similar sea beaches in Digha-Puri are now frequently crowded. So, what is the solution? 

We're here to offer a solution. You can visit the Lalgarh beach, only 130 kilometers away from Kolkata, for a few days at a low cost. The crowd at the Lalgarh beach is comparatively less, so you can spend some alone time here. The intensity of the heat here is also considerably less, and during the evenings, you can enjoy hot fried fish while sitting by the beach.
Lalgarh Beach is 130 kilometers away from Kolkata and can be easily reached by your private vehicle or by taking a train to Lalgarh via Shialdah. You will need to get off at Namkhana and then take a Toto or auto to Lalgarh. 

Also, From Lalgarh, Bak Khali is quite close. Campsites are available in Lalgarh for those who want to stay there. From these campsites, you can enjoy the incredible panoramic views of the sea. The rent for these tents ranges from 1300 to 1500 rupees.

So, gather your friends or loved ones and plan your next trip to Lalgarh from Kolkata for a peaceful and rejuvenating weekend.

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