Off Period With 'Only 99'

Off Period With ' Only 99 '

Only-99 Curtain Raise

Dance Performance
Those days, those golden days of utmost happiness, have simply gone. Or, did they? Probably no, or rather they’re glowing again. On the east sky, the rays of the golden memories are making their way again. And, in the name of the childish joy, ‘Only 99’ is building its own identity. The word ‘Friendship’ found back its eternal meaning again. Despite of all regularities, ‘FRIENDS’ are coming under one roof again. Days changed, Circumstances changed, but the figures didn’t. Crossing all the hurdles, after the birth of ‘Only 99’ on October 8, 2018; the first annual cultural program took place on 10th March, 2019. As expected, the friend affairs got a new horizon after the event as it crossed the virtual medium and spread among the mass in real. Hope ‘Only 99’ would get bigger and better by time. Thank You.

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